Welcome to Marble!

Marble is a new way to
enjoy and experience ART.
Your first step into the Metaverse!


Welcome to
Marble Metaverse!

Marble is a state of art in the meaning of great sculptors from centuries before the internet. The veins are the backbone of it's beauty remembering how the blockchain works in those nodes. This project emerged from Binaria Art Gallery 3D exhibitions, showing a cutting edge tech before 2018 for virtual exhibitions.

As 2020 and 2021 was the year of crypto and NFT, Binaria Art Gallery created Group Binaria, a holding of the Art Gallery itself, Bink as a newco for crypto and Allium for NFT projects. They are the main backbones for Marble existence and also an economy with the ART$ token for trade DKMTs inside Allium NFT platform.

Inside Marble you are a friendly avatar.

You can set your name and get personalized reactions and colors!

Mint your Marbable!*
* Unavaiable yet! Use the temporary in-metaverse editor by clicking in the sign

Marble runs with any device directly
from the browser.
No need to install anything!
Just start with
any operating system from
Windows, Linux, Mac, Android or iOS
Use your Metamask to claim
free ART$ token from our ATM!
It will be used for DKMTs trade :)